Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will - O - Wisp

        "The Will - O - Wisp's beauty is the harshest, for her light only leads men to the
 bottom of the murky marshes"

Evie's Closet never fails to provide us with beautiful, fantasy inspired designs. This Will - O - The - Wisp costume is just one example of Evangeline Miles' stunning work.  This fantastic outfit and many others can be found  not only at her main store location but also on the Forest of Light sim of the Fantasy Faire. I also wanted to draw your attention to this wonderful  Petals In The Wind pose set from Adorkable , I picked up while I was at the Pose Fair. The Set includes; 4 pink and white petal pose props, 4 grey scale petal pose props and all 4 poses with our petal props. There is no end to the creativity that could be done with this set. If you have had a chance to stop by either the Fantasy Faire or Pose Fair, try to make some time as there is lots of goodies to be found.

Skin: League -Sia Medium - Electric
Hair: Elikatira - Away - Bonde 7
Cotume: Evie's Closet - Will-O-The-Wisp
Blindfold: Black Dandilion -Charmed Blindfold
Pose Prop: Adorkable - Petals In The Wind

More Pictures of poses...

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