Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy, Sad, Friday...


Periwinkle is the colour for this weeks Luna Jubilee Challenge.  I have to be honest, I don't normally like periwinkle.  Its a very confusing colour... not blue enough to be a blue , and not purple enough to be a purple.  Like it tried for both but wimped   However, this Luxe Boatneck top from Happy may have changed my mind. The the cut of this top makes it very feminine and lovely to wear. Its available in 8 different colours.  The pants I am wearing are also from Happy. They come 7 different colours and the flares at the bottom make them a cute and fun piece for any inventory.  Although I spent a lot of time browsing through Happy today, I experienced a great sadness when I read Strawberry Singh's post about the AM Radio builds closing. I only recent began visiting these remarkable sims and regret that I did not go and enjoy them sooner.  I really have no words to describe them. They are beautiful true works of art and unlike anything I have seen in SL. From what I have read these builds are scheduled for closing in six months time. I urge you all to visit these incredible places before they are no longer with us.

Skin: League - Sia Medium - Feline
Hair: - Hailey - Scornful Red
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Purple Morning
Top: Happy - Luxe Boatneck - Sky
Pants: Happy - Nauty Jeans - Blue Violet
Shoes: Slink - Achillia Gladiators - Tan
Necklace: Dark Mouse - Bohemain Flare

AM Radio Builds:


  1. Oh no they cant close they are like SL landmarks?! but you look great but oh no!!

  2. erm ... you know that standing there is kinda dangerous ;-)
    you don't want that beautiful outfit be torn snd tinted red ... so better move a bit over to the right ;-)

  3. hehehe Mayala!
    The funny thing is.. I did the same for my post.. but didn't take the pic on the tracks at Periwinkle Station!
    Indeed it is a melancholy color...
    We have to get ove there and see AM Radio's places and get lots of pics!

  4. Love your location--so sad to see great sims close! You made that one look wonderful.

  5. Awww, I know, it was sad to read about the closures of AM Radio. They truly are beautiful, I have oodles of pix in my inventory of his builds over the past few years. This last time shall be sad indeed.

    Love your periwinkle top, it is lovely. =)

  6. Cute top! Definitely going back to AM Radio for some more pics.

  7. Thank you for the great comments everyone! And definitely check out those builds while you have the chance :)