Hello my name is Crowley Lectar, and I have been a user within the virtual world of Second Life since 2007. Even after more then three years in world I still find the content with in Second life enjoyable, creative and constantly dragging me back for more ( yes like the rest of us I am an addict..lol). I would not call myself a
fashionista, I don't really keep up on new releases, designers or trends. I do, however, LOVE clothes ..and shoes..and..skin...and ..hair...and jewelry..and...and...well you get the picture..lol.  I am a true shopaholic (like would mug old ladies for shoes ..), I buy what I like, what feels and looks good to me.  So you won't always find the newest releases or top designers here. Just great pieces combined to inspire the shopaholic in you
For information about this blog contact me at crowleylectar@live.ca

Thank you,