Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tangerine the bullet made you, justifies the one who saves you...


I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week, RL has been busy for me and I've had very little time for anything, which makes my inner shopaholic  When Luna Jubilee announced that Tangerine was this weeks colour, I thought two things. First were the lyrics for the song Tangerine by, Second was that I definitely didn't own anything Tangerine. Not that I don't like the colour, just not one I usually consider while shopping. When I logged in Friday and saw everyone chatting away in the colour challenge group. I realized with how busy I'd been I forgot to even look for something tangerine.,to make matters worse, I also realized I was near broke..not So, I quickly hit the SL Marketplace to see what I could find with what little lindens I had. Much to my relief that is where I found this pretty silk and lace camisk from Jad'z. Its a very simple yet beautiful piece although I should warn it is also very sheer, In the picture above I'm wearing two layers , to keep my girls from being I 've paired it with one of my favorite pair of jeans from Zaara.

Skin: League - Sia Medium - Apricot
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Purple Morning
Hair: - Jasmine  - Scornful Red
Top: Jad'z - Sheer Silk Camisk - Tangerine
Pants: Zaara - Jeans Jewelled - Moss
Boots: Mon Tissu - Provence Riding Boots - Chestnut
Necklace: League - Kandula Necklace - Silver
Bracelet: Shiny Things - Hippie Deluxe Bracelets - Brown
Tattoo: Thirteen - TWLOHA Tattoo

Pose: Dawn - Heartache 5
Location Superdyne


  1. that's a nice outfit ... but you should definately get a parasol or something ... else you get a sunstroke ... lol

  2. Cute look, hope you have water with you walking in the desert like that hehe... but damn... looks hot!

  3. Love the picture! Hope you don't pass out from the heat lol