Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoy The Silence...

Enjoy the silence...

Most of us live very noisy lives. The sound of the people around us...of vehicles passing..the hum of electronics and much more constintly surround us. We've learned to drown it all out as " background noise" but it is ever present. All this sounds has us at times afraid, we automatically panic if things are to quiet, thinking something must be wrong. But with all this sound around us we have very little chance to truly the beauty around us. If you ever get the chance, take yourself out to a large open field...make sure there are no stereos..nothing.  Stand in this great open space..close your eyes .and just enjoy the silence.

Skin: League - Sia medium - Feline
Hair: - Tatum - Scornful Red
Jacket & Tie: Ronsem - Tailored
Pants: Admiral Spicy - Dark Low Blue Fray Jeans
Boots: DECO  - Test Boots - Starry
Belt: Angry Kitty - Leather & Metal Belt ( part of Naughty Kitty oufit)
Necklace: Fifferling - ^V^ Chain
Gloves: Avid (part of Rebelette outfit)
Tattoo: Martina - Elven Tattoo

Pose: Tram - Tram 9 (group gift)

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