Saturday, April 2, 2011

Come mister tally man tally me bananas......

Week 22 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge has us searching for Banana Mania! When I saw this vintage style blouse at Grixdale three things came to mind. First was.".that's really cute!'..second was.." that's the colour of the inside of a banana..and lastly it made me think of the beach. So hear I am, cute, wearing my banana coloured blouse at the  I headed over to the Artilleri sim as they have a really cool beach set up, and as luck would have it a BANANA BOAT!....* does little happy dance*........ Of course as always, when I come to Artilleri I got a little picture

Skin: League - Sia Medium - Apricot Freckles
Hair Letuka - Rain - Glucose
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Purple Morning
Shirt: Grixdale - My Vintage Frock - Daisy
Bikini Bottoms: - Ianni Lane - Beach Bonanza - Green
Hat: Pure style - Straw hat - Orange and Natural Straw
Jewelery: Fa Creations - Earth Jeans Outfit (part of the outfit)
Shoes: Lassitude and Eunni - Signature Sandals - White and Silver

More Pictures....


  1. thanx for the banana maniac summer feel ;-)

  2. So cute, and very summery, I want an outfit like that for in the garden in RL lol

  3. Wonderful ensemble, looks so comfy. :)

  4. Great minds think alike! :D

  5. To cute, great hat! Love the Artilleri sim to!

  6. You look so Hollywood beach glamorous in that hat. Such a cute and summery outfit, I can feel the sun on my face just from looking at your pictures.

  7. You make me LONG badly for summer days! I want a hat like that for real! So cute! <3

  8. Thank you all for the great comments:)) just wish RL summer would hurry up and get here!