Saturday, April 16, 2011



Here we are, week 24 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge with Eggplant.  Let me tell you, if i never see another eggplant item again it will be to soon. Not because I don't like the colour and not because it was hard to find.  You know those times when you go through everything in your inventory and nothing makes you happy? So you go out shopping and end up spending way to many lindens on a ton a fabulous stuff only to have them not make you happy either?  For this challenge that was me. Now there is really only one solution to this problem....Suck it up and get dressed.  Its not the clothes , it you, your in a funk and there's nothing you can do about it but wait it out. You know all the items you have are great..that's why you bought them, so pick something slap it on and go with it. I believe everyone should have atleast one ribbed sweater. They pretty much go with anything and are really easy to wear. If your in the market for one, this Roll Neck Sweater by Reale is a fantastic choice. These cute high - waisted, belted shorts are this weeks TDR Blue contribution from Baiastice.  At 60L you really can't pass them up.  Now if you'll all excuse me I'm going to lock myself in the house until my inner stylist stops pouting.

Skin: League - Sia Medium - Electric
Hair: Letuka - Addison - Strawberry Blonde
Top: Reale - Roll Neck Sweater - Eggplant
Pants: Baiastice - Limnea High Waist Pants (TDR Blue item)
Necklace: Magic Nook - Moon River Necklace
Boots: Coco - Flat Ankle Boots - Black (group gift)

Pose: Hate Me and Eat Me - 0105 (new)


  1. This is so freaking cute. I love it.

  2. Awww.. you did well, despite your funk :)

  3. Gorgeous look Crowley... simple, but cute and sung looking for those cool spring nights!!

  4. I love it how even your pose and the expression the picture emits is all 'meh'. Good job at making funk look good!

  5. yep ... kinda know that feeling too well ...
    but hey ... you did a great job with eggplant ... love that sweater ... it looks so comfy ;-)

  6. Crowley, Your post hit it and hard!! Your absolutely right, been in that funk before, done that and still do!! LOL
    Love your ribbed sweater,and this is a great pic

  7. Thank you so much ladies! the funk has passed but i know it will sneak up on me again