Saturday, May 28, 2011

Through the mark downs, roll backs and shopping carts...


It's Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge  time again , and this weeks colour is Ruby. I was in a silly mood today, I got to thinking...If I were to find myself caught on People Of Walmart website, what would I want to be caught wearing?  Ok ..ok.. I know pretty strange random thought to have... but my brain is like someones Junk drawer, all kinds of stuff in there that nobody knows where it came from or what its  Anyway back to matters at hand. I was thinking that I wouldn't want to be one of those people caught with back boobs  or a flesh coloured fanny pack. I would want to be caught in something strange but cute.  I would want to be one of those people  who although they make you wonder what they were thinking, you can't help but like what they have on in some weird twisted way.

I found these cute Hot Pants at Boom and knew they had to be part of my Walmart ensemble.  They also come with a lime green version and are only 25L !! When I saw this paper crown at Sanu I knew it had to be mine..I mean whose never wanted to be a Paper Crown Princess..Hmmmm? and what Walmart shopping outfit would be complete with out a feather boa and over the knee sock? All in all , I think I'm looking pretty snazzy and ready to shop smart! (Tries desperately to hold in a giggle)

*Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone who shops ( I shop there) or works at Walmart*

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 05
Tattoo Lipstick: Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/Lips - Raspberry
Hair: Elikatira - Break - Red 08
Top: Pig - Day Lillies Camisole - Antiquated
Shorts: Boom - Neon Hot Pants -Pink 
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie - Coal
Tattoo: Garden Of Ku - La Virgen de Guadalupe
Crown: Sanu - Paper Crown Red
Pose: !Bang - Oops Mai Bad 2

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Feel Pretty...

I feel Pretty

I think there is apart of every girl that just needs to feel pretty once in while.  A part, no mater how big or small, that needs to feel girly and soft.  Today I catered to that part of me with this lovely Garden District Dress by The Sea Hole.  I've mentioned before how much I love The Sea Hole and this very pretty and feminine dress suited my mood perfectly.

I was also in the market for some new poses to play with, so I headed over to !Bang to see what I could find.  Not only did I pick up a couple of great pose sets, I spotted this tattoo.   It reads "  Life is to be Celebrated  ".   A very simple phrase but one that struck a cord with me.  I've been feeling sorry for myself as of late, upset about things that for whatever reasons haven't or aren't going my way.  Some of the things I can change, others just are what they are.  But, instead of doing something to change them or taking stock in the wonderful things I do have in my life, I've been mopping.... hovering on pause. When I read that phrase I realized  that I really do need to hit the play button and go forward, celebrating every bit of life I can  along the way.

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 04
Hair: Elikatira - Past - Brown 10
Eyes: Tuli - SpotLight  Eyes - Azure
Dress: The Sea Hole - Garden District Dress - Josephine
Jewelery: Dark Mouse - Vintage Troll - Silver
Tattoo: !Bang - Life is to be Celebrated
Pose: !Bang - Oops Mai Bad 6
Location: The Pea

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I've grown picky in the almost 4 years its been since I join the SL universe.  I think we all do, we learn we  don't have to buy everything we see because there are probably 40 others like it just around the corner. We learn to go for quality not quantity. We learn there are better ways to make lindens then camping..and that saving a few lindens isn't always a good thing.   Even though our inventories hold much much more then our RL Closets, we learn that filling them with junk is more hassle then pleasure.(this doesn't mean we still don't fill them with stuff ..its just not I think out of everything I've become pickiest about my hair.  I have a strict check list of things that any hair must pass before I will buy it. I turn down more hair then I buy , and if you knew how much hair I buy you'd be surprised by how much gets turned   Being this picky about it makes me very restricted on where I will buy my hair, leaving me to to frequent the same select stores over and over again. Although doing so I am pretty much guaranteed to find something I also keeps me from finding new stores with different styles.

By Happy chance, I found my self at Action the other day.  When I landed  I made a bee line for the hair section.  Now I have to tell you that although I'm not fond of all their styles, They have some great colours and fun options. I fell in love with this style called Trudy.2. I love the streaks and the feather accessories making it fun and a bit edgy.  One of the other things I really liked about Action hair is that it comes with a menu that allows you to resize the hair as well as, colour change the streaks and any accessories (in this case the feathers and hair clip in the back) .  If you've never been to Action I would recommend making a trip, not only for a chance to look through the hair ,  but they have some really cute clothes and other fun items.

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 02
Eye: Tuli - Spotlight eyes _ Azure
Hair: Action - Trudy.2 - Sweetheart
Necklace: Zaara - Adira Necklace - Claw Silver
Top: Pig - Day Lillies Camisole - Antiquated
Tattoo: Garden Of Ku - Gates Of Heaven

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Radioactive Bunny Food....

Neon Carrot

Week 29 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge has kicked off with Neon Carrot. *Unfortunately this blogger's opinion on Neon Carrot had to be censored due to extreme, vulgar profanity *  Ok so despite my dislike for the this colour I did mange to bypass my first thought  (which was some sort of  mutant radioactive bunny food) and found this lovely Syona Kurta Set from Zaara. I love that the colours are so vibrant and the textures are  beautiful, I can almost feel the silk scarf against my skin. This set comes in a variety of colour combinations all just as wonderful as the next.  I feel like I should be off  walking through some exotic bazaar ..catching the eye of some tall dark handsome stranger...*wakes up out of day dream* uh..yeah who is of course  Mr. Crowley.. I mean I would never fantasize about anyone but the man I love..*tries to look innocent as she runs off to find some fun manly toy to appease Mr. Crowley*

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 03
Hair Truth - Betty Streaked - Carrot
Tattoo lips - Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/lips - Coral
eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Clothing: Zara - Syona Kuta Set - Saffron
Bracelet: Shiny Things - Ruma Bangles - Gold
Earrings: Shiny Things - Prya Cascade Earrings - Gold
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Fae Wedge - Black
Pose: !Bang - Stand 101

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shoe Fair 2011

As most of you know by now, Shoe Fair 2011 has begun and runs till May 27th. This event has 4 sims worth of amazing footwear with donations being made to Soles4Souls. Although limited funds kept me from doing the damage to my SL bank account I would have liked to, I still managed to add some wicked stuff to my inventory.
LeeZu - Shoe Fair

With limited funds I had to be selective with what I took home, but these  Esprit De Sable boots from LeeZu definitely caught my eye.  They come in a variety of colours and I love that each layer has a different pattern making these  a little different and fun  from other boots  I own. The top I am wear is also by LeeZu and available at the Shoe Fair. Its fun and sexy, if you happen to be more modest then I would also look great worn as a vest over another shirt. LeeZu is located on the Ruthenium sim of the Fair. 

PM- Shoe Fair
 Now I know these shoes have been shown everywhere, but they are so great they deserve to be shown again. They are of course the Fae Wedge by Pixel Mode. I have to say that Pixel Mode is at the top of my list for places to go for shoes. They are always wonderfully made with quality textures  and great designs. The Fae Wedges are no exception, They come in a variety of colours, as well as your choice of dark wood or light wood. With a very easy to use hud to match skin tone and change toenail polish.  Now these Teal ones picture above are not part of any fat pack and are a Shoe Fair exclusive with 100% of the profit going to Soles4Souls.  Pixel Mode is located on the Ruthenium sim of the Fair. 

G Field - shoe fair

I love these Open Boots by G Field, which is another store that tops my shoe shopping list. Their kind of like wearing a pump and boot at the same time which I think is really fun. The textures and design are fantastic and I love the little feather charm which  is removable through a  menu. They come in a variety of shoe and feather colours. 100% of the profit made form the Open boots in black as well as 50% of the profit made from the sale of the fatpack is being donated to Soles4Souls . G Field can be found on the Osmium sim of the Fair.

As for the Shoe Fair itself, I was really surprised  that it wasn't near as laggy as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong,  moving around can be a bit of a pain but not anything thing like other large events I've been to.  Tya Fallingbridge (Pixel Mode) did a wonderful job with the build its very simple  but lovely. When you get there you might be a bit overwhelmed but getting around isn't really that hard once you know what your doing. There are Maps posted in the landing area of each sim.  Each store has a number, so you can just look at the list see what number the store you want is and find it on the map. If your planing on taking everything in I would recommend just picking a sim to start at and following the path around.

Photo Credits;

First Pic:  Skin-Tuli - Sara, Hair-Lelutka- Inverted, eyes - Tuli Azure, Top - LeeZu - Cloe Top - Vintage Black, Pants- Mon Tissu - Lou Lou Jeans,  Necklace - League - Kandula Necklace, Bracelet - Shiny Things - Hippie Deluxe Bracelets , Shoes - LeeZu - Esprit De Sable - Dark Brown,  Pose - !Bang - Stand 105.

Second Pic:   Skin - Tuli - Sara, Hair - Truth - Krystal, Eyes - Tuli - Azure, Top - Friday - Twofer Tank - Chocolate.Sea,  Pants - DCNY - Everything Jeans - Black Wash, Jewelery - MOOD - Mirage Glam Ensemble - Silver,  Shoes - Pixel Mode - Fae Wedge - Teal,  Pose - !Bang - SillyWillyNilly .

Third Pic:  Skin - Tuli - Sara,  Hair - - Tatum,  Eyes - Tuli - Azure, Top - League - Teachers Pet outfit,  Pants -  Zaara - Nishar Leggings - Dirty Black, Necklace - Adiva - Tess Outfit,  Shoes - G Field - Open Boots "Vilda" - Black,  Pose - Tram - 8 (Group Gift)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Surf Co. Bloom Dolls...Arachnia Bloom...

Bloom Doll Styling Contest - Arachnia Bloom

Surf,Co. recently released these amazingly cute Bloom Doll avatars. These things are seriously adorable. I was trying to avoid being pulled in..but look at that face??? How could I not? There are 6 dolls to choose from, 5 female and one male. Each Avatar set includes;  2 doll shapes , doll skin, doll head , with a menu to change eyes, and lid colour. The set also includes 5 Doll poses. You wont need to buy special clothes or hair, these avatars pretty much fit normal avatar clothes except you might have to tweak some prim attachments and enlarge the hair.  Its been a ton of fun not only dressing up my own but seeing all the ideas everyone else is coming out with. With all the option open to customizing this avatar there really is no end to the creativity you can have with this.  To check all the wonderful Doll Idea's  have a look at the Flicker Group, Don't forget to join the group and  add your pick to get in on the contest !

Hat: Hatter is Mad - Glam Top Hat - Black
Hair: Elikatira - Theroy - Blonde 07 (tinted fuschia)
Necklace: League - The Raven
Dress: Snatch - Betty, Please...
Shoes: Bastchild & Lapointe - Gothic Platforms - Croc & Steel Set
Tattoo: Garden of Ku -  Tibetan Book

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Feet


Another Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge  week has begun with, Pink. Now, ever since starting the Colour Challenge, I have learned a lot of things. I've learned about photography, about fashion, about blogging. I have met  some wonderful people. The experience so far has been fantastic and I expect it will continue to be so. However, this weeks challenge has taught me something about myself that was a  surprise.  So I was sitting there trying to figure out an outfit for this challenge , when the very talented  Harlow Heslop informed us on plurk she had done a new blog post on the new group gift from Mstyle. It was a stunning pair of pink leopard print heels (pictured to my right). I quickly went and snatch a pair up thinking I could incorporate them into this weeks challenge.

I went home and began scanning my inventory for possible pink outfits.  What I came to realize ,was I own an alarming amount of pink shoes. There are 15 pairs of pinks shoes in my inventory ( pictured above is just what I had prim space to ! How does someone have no pink clothes but 15 pairs of pink shoes! Now some of them I remember individually, others I have no clue where they came from. I would have thought I'd have known if I had some sort of pink footwear fetish?..I'm not even that big a fan of pink ( it upsets my inner angry teenage goth).  But, who am I to complain if I am unconsciously collecting pink shoes? This just means I have more cute shoes to find cute outfits for..which makes my inner shopaholic dance with glee!

Shoes from left to right;

Delirium Style - Street Sneaker - Pink
Wilay Stylez - Persisu
Mstyle - Goshi Pumps - Pink Panther (group gift)
Gos - DOCS 8 hole - Pink
R.icielli - Carmelia Lace Pumps - Narcissus
Delirium Style - Short Sneaker - Pink Skull

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Newish Stuffs..


Ok first, the skin, This is  Belleza's latest release Aiko. Now I know its been all over the blogging world , but when I tried it on and saw how lovely it was, I had to show it I have yet to see this skin look bad on anyone.  Aiko has a wonderful Asian flare, it really is a beautiful skin. Above I am wearing the Group gift , But all the tones and make up options are available at Belleza's main store as well as their spot at the Shape and Skin Expo.  I haven't had a chance to get over to the Expo myself yet but  its sure to have some awesome treats to find.

Now on to the hair, This is one of LeLutka's new releases,  its called Inverted. Its a short fun layered cut...very flirty and sexy. I love the textures LeLutka uses for their hair, the enhanced roots are amazing and the colours are fantastic. Their blonde, especially, is very pretty..all though this time I had to go for the red shades, I'm a ginger at heart :)

Last but certainly not least , is the fabulous necklace from League. I was there last Friday picking up their fifty linden Friday Item when I spotted this necklace.  Its called The Raven. I just love pieces that are out of the ordinary , and this necklace certainly is.  The Raven features a raven's head framed in antique silver. Version 2 features the chain and bead detail at the bottom..version 1 dose not. The necklace comes in both Silver and old silver . as well as. 3 different ribbon colours: Black. Cadet and Cream.

Skin: Belleza - Aiko Medium - Group gift
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Hair: LeLutka - Inverted - FireTop
Necklace: League - The Raven (version2) - Silver
Top: ASrock - Show - Black


Monday, May 9, 2011


GoK - front

I wore this tattoo from in my last post, but love it so much I wanted to give it a little more attention.  I've mentioned before how much I enjoy body art, and I specially love pieces that incorporate cultural symbols. So when I walked into Garden of Ku and saw this one it was love at first sight. Its called Tibetan Book.

GoK - back

It features some beautiful images and script, but my favorite part is the stunning back piece.  Garden of Ku is definitely the place to go if your looking for some amazing body art, they have many fantastic pieces, I know I will be back for more!

Skin Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 05
Eyes Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Hair: Detour - Unravel A - Burgundy
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Vintage Troll - Silver
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Tibetan Book
Bikini bottoms: Zaara - Esha Bikini - Silver
First pic pose: Apple Spice - Gown Pose - 07
Second pic pose: !Bang - Stand 119

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Am Awesome!!


Here we are at week 27 and Luna Jubilee has given us ...Olive.  I have to to tell you, this outfit was inspired by my 5 year old daughter.  She loves over the knee socks and as it turns out, me too  Yesterday her kindergarten class held a Mother's Day tea party, they sang us songs, fed us cookies and gave us presents they had made. One of the things they made was a paper flower corsage.  During the presentation, each child took their turn to give their mom the corsage and say " I love you Because..(insert reason here)".  I watched as the other children took their turns, some timid and shy others more outgoing.  When it came to my daughters turn, she proudly walked up and said " I love you because your awesome! my socks!". The other mothers giggled as I hugged her up all tight.  My daughter gave me the best Mother's Day present I could ever ask for. ....she gave me a smile.

As adults, we let our are worries for the future weigh down on us.  To easily we forget to just enjoy the the beautiful smiling moments.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day,  forget whatever things might be on your mind and just enjoy the moments with your mom and your children. Take the time to give them a smile and tell them how awesome they are!...umm you might want to leave the sock part out though :P

Skin Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 03
Eyes Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Tattoo Lipstick: Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/Lips - Apricot
Hair: Detour - Unravel A - Burgundy
Top: Snatch - Sarah Jane Bodysuit - Green
Skirt: Snatch - Beach Skirt - Moss
Shoes & Socks : Maitreya Gold - Moxie - Coal
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Vintage Troll - Silver
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Tibetan Book
Pose: Apple Spice - Gown Pose - 009

Friday, May 6, 2011

Culture Shock

I wonder

Culture Shock 2011 is currently running till May 22nd. If you get chance to head over there do overwhelming amount of fantastic items can be found. The best part is that each  of the creators participating is donating a portion of the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders , also know as Medecins Sans Frontieres. Among many things, I picked up this lovely top from Vanitas Vesture. I love the beaded detailing on it as well as the bare shoulder makes is flirty and a bit sexy.

I couldn't even begin to tell you all of the great items there are for sale and its always nice when you know your lindens are going to a good cause. There is also some amazing art on display so make sure you check out this event , I know I will be back many times before its over. I should warn you though, as with any high traffic event, you should try and make your rendering cost as low as you can. Detach any unneeded prims or scripts, including huds...the lag is molasses thick :P

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 04
Hair: - Tantum - Scronful Red
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Top: Vanitas Vasture - Victoriana Silk Top - Red (Culture Shock Purchase)
Pants: Mon Tissu - 1929 Cigarette - Dark
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Baroque Flower - Silver
Tattoo Lipstick: Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/Lips - Sweet
Nails: Razlpsa Loc - Black Cherry Nails

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No jingles in the piggy...

red wellies

Hello...My name is Crowley..and I am a shopaholic.  I don't just mean I "like" to shop..I LOVE TO SHOP!! would mug virtual old ladies for shoes love.  I've held numerous jobs in sl, event hopped, zyngo'd, stalked sploders...pretty much you name it I have done it to feed my addiction. However, as with every addict, there always comes those times where you can not support your addiction.  Logging on to find 33 linden and a crumpled up sticky note in your purse just doesn't fly ( in fact for a shopaholic that's the 7th layer of Hell).

 In these situations its usually healthier to try and wait it out till your financial situation improves...oh hell who am I kidding?..wait? ..theres no wait..that's just silly. Something brand shiny and new  must be had NOW!  Ok so you can log into SL Marketplace and troll through the 0L - 10L items.  I mean sometimes you can find some cool stuff there but you have to be willing to weed through all the..umm ..not so cool stuff first, and believe me..theres alot of it.

What other options are there you ask? ..Well..Let me tell you...I just recently found out that one of my favorite stores , Surf Couture, has a discount outlet!! Now I know what you might be thinking having experienced other discount stores where the prices yes are great but not so great when your shopping money consists of what you could yank out of the couch cushions.  However , not only is this outlet full of really awesome Surf Couture items..The prices are super freaking cheap!  Like , take this really cute Racerback Striped Tank ...comes in 12 different colours and is only 25L!..Or , this little Floral Cab  Sweater I am wearing..again multiple colour choice and only 27L!. The outlet is full of awesome stuffies for you to check out.

 Now boys and girls what was today's lesson?..Stop trollin for freebies and get your broke behinds to Surf Co. Discount Outlet!  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a support group to go to...which is right next to that great shoe store...hmm..I wonder if there is a sploder along the way....

Skin; Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 03
Hair: Detour - Unravel B - Dark Brown
Nails : Razlpsa Loc - Black Cherry Nails
Glasses: Surf Co. - Funnel Cake Shades - Black (discount outlet location)
Earrings: Indyra - Nuvella Hoop Earrings - Silver
Necklace: Last Call - Ingrid Red Agate Rock Necklace ( part of Ingrid outfit)
Sweater: Surf Co. - Floral Cab Sweater - Red  (discount outlet location)
Tanktop: Surf.Co. - Racerback Striped Tank - Red/Lightblue  (discount outlet location)
Shorts: League - Frayed Denim Shorts - Warm Blue
Boots: Surf Co. - Rain Boots - Red  (discount outlet location)

Pose: Magnifique Poses - Shy Standing pose 1
Location: Calas Galadhon