Saturday, June 18, 2011



Hard to believe but its Luna Jubilee colour challenge  time again!  Mahogany is such a rich, beautiful colour , and I was so excited to see if come up as this weeks challenge. I absolutely love this Jaida Dress by Plastik. The  cut is very sexy, and the leaf pattern around the top as well as the hip give it a unique and creative flare that's sure to have you turning heads.  I just can't get enough of it,  I feel like I should be out with the girls..dancing and just going crazy.

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Hair: Truth - Lourdes - Mahogany
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Green
Dress: Plastik - Jaida Dress - Mahogany
Shoes: Maitreya - IXkin - Cocoa - Duo
Jewellery: Magic Nook - Moon River Set
Pose: TeaSoup - I am your phoenix

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hippy Daze..

boho hobo skirt

I finally got some time to myself, which of course meant time to One of my favorite stores to go  for fun,  instant love items is Boho Hobo. This place is just full of really fun , hippie inspired designs. The colours  and textures are always so beautiful and vibrant.  I fell in love at first sight  with this frayed denim skirt at first, the colours and pattern just really grabbed me. Not only does Boho Hobo have some really amazing designs , but all the store proceeds are donated to RAWA ( Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) .  Also, don't forget its Fifty Linden Friday. Make sure you take some time to see all the great items up for grabs. . Elikatira's contribution is this  layered bob called, Again.  Its really cute  and definitely a steel at only 50L.

Skin : Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Hair: Elikatira - Again - Blonde 07
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Green
Shirt: ASrock - LA See
Skirt: Boho Hobo - Fringey Mini Skirt
Tights: The Secret Store - Purple Wool Tights
Boots: UBU - Pirate Rain Boots
Earrings: Zaara - Anaya Cluster Earrings - Onyx
Necklace: Zaara - Adira Necklace - Claw
Bracelet: Zaara - Vyomini Chained Bracelet - Onyx
Pose: Atomic - Just Me _ 05

Monday, June 13, 2011



Luna Jublilee Colour Challenge time again and this weeks colour is Jade.  Summer hasn't even begun yet and it already seems that time has sped up. It feels as though in a blink all the warm weather will be gone. Maybe its just me, when ever life gets busy time seems to go by faster and my life certainly has gotten busy as of late. I was at a  loss when it came to this weeks post, I had no time to buy anything ..nothing in my inventory that worked..I was close to thinking I would have to let this weeks pass. However I was lucky enough to have a very awesome friend ( Wifeh you ROCK!) open her inventory and pass me these fantastic leggings from Kyoot.  When I saw the colour of them it immediately reminded  me of this necklace my grandmother had when I was a kid.  The Necklace was made up of four sections of dark green jade, each section had an animal carved into. I used to stare at it for what seemed like hours getting lost in the dark, cooling jade.

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Summer Breeze (In Store Freebie)
Hair: Anaphora - Bajka - Umber
Top: So Many Styles - Ruffle Tank - Indian Red
Pants: Kyoot - Gotcha Leggings - Moss
Jewellery: League - Wanderer Jewellery Set
Belt: Fishy Strawberry - Part of Little Suede Dress outfit
Boots: Naughty - Moccasins - Adobe

Friday, June 10, 2011

Under The Big Top

Big Top Crowley

I've never actually been to a circus, but as a child I would take the images I saw from television and imagine what it would be like to be in one.  It all seemed so glamorous  and exciting to me.   All the costumes so over the top, but fantastic. The Trapeze Artists and Lion Tamers risking their lives to entertain the crowd. I would imagine what it must be like under the Big Top  in the spotlight of the centre ring. Of course as a child it never occurred to me how hard that life is. Moving from one city to the next..all the blood sweat and tears that goes into setting up for each show.....not to mention someone has to clean up the elephant poo.

Big Top Crowley 2

Zibska recently released this cute top hat ,mustache and bow tie set. It's a ton of fun and I really love the silly little mustache. Each piece comes with a resize menu as well as a colour change menu that lets you pick from a large variety of different colours and patterns. 

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Tattoo Lipstick: Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/lips -Fierce
Hair: LeLutka - Addison - Strawberry Blonde
Hat, Mustache and Bow Tie: Zibska - Chichi Top Hat and Bow Tie *
Top: Rotten Toe: Infected Black Satin Shirt
Pants: Rotten Toe: Formal Ringmaster Pants
Boots: Gos - Curvaceous Boots - Black
Nails: +ROZOREGALIA+ Gemma Rings&Nails 
Picture 1 Pose: !Bang - This Shit is Bananas 2
Picture 2 Pose: !Bang - This shit is Bananas 1

Saturday, June 4, 2011



Week 31 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge begins with Denim!  This weeks picture is not my fault, the  complete blame falls to Mr. Crowley. Who, as I was trying to figure out what to do for this weeks challenge, kept sending me "distracting"  messages about..ummm lets just say he REALLY likes denim cut-offs. Now as much as I just wanted to throw a shoe at him..I couldn't help but agree with him.  Out of all things denim, there is nothing like a great pair of cut-off shorts hugging your curves. They are relaxed, comfortable, easy to wear and very sexy. Now if you'll excuse me, there is certain distracting individual I need to turn the hose on...

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Hair: Dura - Curl - Chocolate
Shorts: League - Frayed Denim Shorts - Warm Blue
Necklace: Miel - Friendo Necklace
Bracelet: Miel - Friendo Bracelet
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Lady T - Black Gloss
Pose: DeePosed - Down On My Knees 15

Friday, June 3, 2011

I've got a Secret......

The Secret store - Modavia II group gift

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, with the good weather finally here RL has been kicking my butt. I guess that's just the way it goes, good weather hits and everyone gets busy doing all the things they've waited all winter to do. Even though things have been a bit busy, I wanted to show you this great group gift from the The Secret Store.  Its such a great dress, the ruffled skirt makes it really fun and flirty and I love the textures in it. Now this Dress is only available at the at The Secret Store's Modavia II Location and you need to belong to the Modiva Group to get it.  The good news is there is a group joiner right next to the dress and the group is free to join!

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed -02
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Tattoo Make-up: Tuli - Sara/sunkissed/lips - Red
Hair: Vive9 -Karlie - Mahogany&Tonic
Dress: The Secret Store - Froufrou - Inbloom
Jewelery: MOOD - Athshe - Gold

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Through the mark downs, roll backs and shopping carts...


It's Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge  time again , and this weeks colour is Ruby. I was in a silly mood today, I got to thinking...If I were to find myself caught on People Of Walmart website, what would I want to be caught wearing?  Ok ..ok.. I know pretty strange random thought to have... but my brain is like someones Junk drawer, all kinds of stuff in there that nobody knows where it came from or what its  Anyway back to matters at hand. I was thinking that I wouldn't want to be one of those people caught with back boobs  or a flesh coloured fanny pack. I would want to be caught in something strange but cute.  I would want to be one of those people  who although they make you wonder what they were thinking, you can't help but like what they have on in some weird twisted way.

I found these cute Hot Pants at Boom and knew they had to be part of my Walmart ensemble.  They also come with a lime green version and are only 25L !! When I saw this paper crown at Sanu I knew it had to be mine..I mean whose never wanted to be a Paper Crown Princess..Hmmmm? and what Walmart shopping outfit would be complete with out a feather boa and over the knee sock? All in all , I think I'm looking pretty snazzy and ready to shop smart! (Tries desperately to hold in a giggle)

*Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone who shops ( I shop there) or works at Walmart*

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 05
Tattoo Lipstick: Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/Lips - Raspberry
Hair: Elikatira - Break - Red 08
Top: Pig - Day Lillies Camisole - Antiquated
Shorts: Boom - Neon Hot Pants -Pink 
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie - Coal
Tattoo: Garden Of Ku - La Virgen de Guadalupe
Crown: Sanu - Paper Crown Red
Pose: !Bang - Oops Mai Bad 2