Monday, May 16, 2011

Surf Co. Bloom Dolls...Arachnia Bloom...

Bloom Doll Styling Contest - Arachnia Bloom

Surf,Co. recently released these amazingly cute Bloom Doll avatars. These things are seriously adorable. I was trying to avoid being pulled in..but look at that face??? How could I not? There are 6 dolls to choose from, 5 female and one male. Each Avatar set includes;  2 doll shapes , doll skin, doll head , with a menu to change eyes, and lid colour. The set also includes 5 Doll poses. You wont need to buy special clothes or hair, these avatars pretty much fit normal avatar clothes except you might have to tweak some prim attachments and enlarge the hair.  Its been a ton of fun not only dressing up my own but seeing all the ideas everyone else is coming out with. With all the option open to customizing this avatar there really is no end to the creativity you can have with this.  To check all the wonderful Doll Idea's  have a look at the Flicker Group, Don't forget to join the group and  add your pick to get in on the contest !

Hat: Hatter is Mad - Glam Top Hat - Black
Hair: Elikatira - Theroy - Blonde 07 (tinted fuschia)
Necklace: League - The Raven
Dress: Snatch - Betty, Please...
Shoes: Bastchild & Lapointe - Gothic Platforms - Croc & Steel Set
Tattoo: Garden of Ku -  Tibetan Book

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  1. Damn Crowley that is adorable, I love how you dressed yours up... I might join in the fun too?! Maybe?!