Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I've grown picky in the almost 4 years its been since I join the SL universe.  I think we all do, we learn we  don't have to buy everything we see because there are probably 40 others like it just around the corner. We learn to go for quality not quantity. We learn there are better ways to make lindens then camping..and that saving a few lindens isn't always a good thing.   Even though our inventories hold much much more then our RL Closets, we learn that filling them with junk is more hassle then pleasure.(this doesn't mean we still don't fill them with stuff ..its just not I think out of everything I've become pickiest about my hair.  I have a strict check list of things that any hair must pass before I will buy it. I turn down more hair then I buy , and if you knew how much hair I buy you'd be surprised by how much gets turned   Being this picky about it makes me very restricted on where I will buy my hair, leaving me to to frequent the same select stores over and over again. Although doing so I am pretty much guaranteed to find something I also keeps me from finding new stores with different styles.

By Happy chance, I found my self at Action the other day.  When I landed  I made a bee line for the hair section.  Now I have to tell you that although I'm not fond of all their styles, They have some great colours and fun options. I fell in love with this style called Trudy.2. I love the streaks and the feather accessories making it fun and a bit edgy.  One of the other things I really liked about Action hair is that it comes with a menu that allows you to resize the hair as well as, colour change the streaks and any accessories (in this case the feathers and hair clip in the back) .  If you've never been to Action I would recommend making a trip, not only for a chance to look through the hair ,  but they have some really cute clothes and other fun items.

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 02
Eye: Tuli - Spotlight eyes _ Azure
Hair: Action - Trudy.2 - Sweetheart
Necklace: Zaara - Adira Necklace - Claw Silver
Top: Pig - Day Lillies Camisole - Antiquated
Tattoo: Garden Of Ku - Gates Of Heaven


  1. I went to Action ages ago looking for hair... I am the same, it has to be checked off on a list before I'll even think about buying it. I have become a bit of a Ploom hair addict, but seeing this hair on you I might have to make a trip back to Action... it seems that they have gotten better?!

  2. It was Really very hit and miss for me, but they had a few good one sin the middle room of the