Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Feet


Another Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge  week has begun with, Pink. Now, ever since starting the Colour Challenge, I have learned a lot of things. I've learned about photography, about fashion, about blogging. I have met  some wonderful people. The experience so far has been fantastic and I expect it will continue to be so. However, this weeks challenge has taught me something about myself that was a  surprise.  So I was sitting there trying to figure out an outfit for this challenge , when the very talented  Harlow Heslop informed us on plurk she had done a new blog post on the new group gift from Mstyle. It was a stunning pair of pink leopard print heels (pictured to my right). I quickly went and snatch a pair up thinking I could incorporate them into this weeks challenge.

I went home and began scanning my inventory for possible pink outfits.  What I came to realize ,was I own an alarming amount of pink shoes. There are 15 pairs of pinks shoes in my inventory ( pictured above is just what I had prim space to ! How does someone have no pink clothes but 15 pairs of pink shoes! Now some of them I remember individually, others I have no clue where they came from. I would have thought I'd have known if I had some sort of pink footwear fetish?..I'm not even that big a fan of pink ( it upsets my inner angry teenage goth).  But, who am I to complain if I am unconsciously collecting pink shoes? This just means I have more cute shoes to find cute outfits for..which makes my inner shopaholic dance with glee!

Shoes from left to right;

Delirium Style - Street Sneaker - Pink
Wilay Stylez - Persisu
Mstyle - Goshi Pumps - Pink Panther (group gift)
Gos - DOCS 8 hole - Pink
R.icielli - Carmelia Lace Pumps - Narcissus
Delirium Style - Short Sneaker - Pink Skull


  1. Love the pic Crowley... Shoes were my problem (along with the rest of my outfit) this week hehe, I am SO not a pink lover... Love your post though!

  2. are so cute!! This is one of my favs for the week color challenge.
    My fav...the pink docs you have on!

  3. Obviously you cannot have too many pairs of shoes, pink or otherwise! This is super cute!

  4. Yeah we can never have too much shoes!