Saturday, May 21, 2011

Radioactive Bunny Food....

Neon Carrot

Week 29 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge has kicked off with Neon Carrot. *Unfortunately this blogger's opinion on Neon Carrot had to be censored due to extreme, vulgar profanity *  Ok so despite my dislike for the this colour I did mange to bypass my first thought  (which was some sort of  mutant radioactive bunny food) and found this lovely Syona Kurta Set from Zaara. I love that the colours are so vibrant and the textures are  beautiful, I can almost feel the silk scarf against my skin. This set comes in a variety of colour combinations all just as wonderful as the next.  I feel like I should be off  walking through some exotic bazaar ..catching the eye of some tall dark handsome stranger...*wakes up out of day dream* uh..yeah who is of course  Mr. Crowley.. I mean I would never fantasize about anyone but the man I love..*tries to look innocent as she runs off to find some fun manly toy to appease Mr. Crowley*

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed - 03
Hair Truth - Betty Streaked - Carrot
Tattoo lips - Tuli - Sara/Sunkissed/lips - Coral
eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes - Azure
Clothing: Zara - Syona Kuta Set - Saffron
Bracelet: Shiny Things - Ruma Bangles - Gold
Earrings: Shiny Things - Prya Cascade Earrings - Gold
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Fae Wedge - Black
Pose: !Bang - Stand 101


  1. SO GORGEOUS once again Crowley, you take a fugly colour and make it look amazing... This outfit is gorgeous on you!!! Love it...

  2. Love it! You really made that color exotic! :)

  3. I looked at this outfit, and almost bought it for our neon carrot challenge. This is truly lovely on you, great job in making a funky color so lovely.

  4. Thank you bunches ladies..I'm looking forward to ruby next

  5. This makes me want to book a flight to Morocco or someplace equally exotic. Lovely.

  6. Absolutely wonderful colour combination, so vibrant and alive!