Monday, February 14, 2011

The Truth of the Matter...

Smiling , she views the scene laid out on the bed before her..
she has been waiting for this all day..
all dark ..and smooth...
warm tingles already beginning to run through her body...

Like a lioness she stalks towards the bed..
eyes locked on what she desires...
she POUNCES!!!

Oh ..yes!! sweet Ecstasy!!

Yes..Chocolate is better then sex :P

( Ok so I completely admit the only reason for this post is the Chocolate Noms Noms For Me? pose prop by Oh My Stars is just to cute not to use)


  1. cooool ...
    you made me smile early in the morning ..
    and caused a sudden desire for chocolate ... ;-)

  2. hehehe Glad I could make you smile Mayala... I often have to stop at the store, because I am overcome with desire and need a "quickie"..:P
    mmmmmmmmmmm Kit Kat..