Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to the earth.....

Sometimes we just need to unplug and head back to nature. With our flashing screen, busy lives we often forget to reconnect with mother earth and appreciate all she has given us. Now I do realize this is Virtual "nature" but , hey, there's two feet of snow outside my place right now..I am NOT going out The wonderful dress I am wearing is the Pretty White Dress from Kyoot. It indeed made me feel very pretty. The skirt layers in this dress flow beautifully, giving it a very feminine feel that I just love.  The pictures were taken at Alirium, If you have never been there before I would highly recommend making a trip.  This sim is Stunning!  Much of the landscaping is available for purchase inside the store.

Hair: Elikatira - Vivid - Brown 10
Skin : Al Vulo! - Emy - Blu Fairy
Eyes: LAQ- Dazzling Eden Eyes
Necklace: Inca Temple - "Nature Screams God" necklace
Dress: Kyoot - Pretty White Dress

More pictures just because this sim is so pretty

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