Saturday, February 12, 2011

Put your hands up.....

 So... Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of colour challenge this week is appropriately red. I love the colour red its such a sexy and powerful colour. As Valentines Day draws near The air is filled with love, Romance
and Chocolate!  Couples everywhere are getting ready to show their special someone how much they care, and I am one of the lucky people who has a special someone to spend it with. Even so, I wanted to do
something for all the single ladies.  Just because V-day is consider a couples days there's no reason you can't get in on the lovin' too. Show some love to someone very important..YOU. Go out and strut your stuff at the clubs.....draw yourself a nice warm bath with scented oils and rose petals...That piece of jewellery you've had your eye, go out and buy it ...send yourself flowers and chocolates with a sweet little card about how much you mean to you.  Anything to show yourself some love and remind you just how much your worth.

Hair: Truth - Tara Streaked - Jupiter
Skin: LAQ - Vilda Fair Gow skin - 04
Lashes: Apple May Designs - Ultimate Lashes - Runway
Top: Erratic - Hailey Sequin Longtop Red
Shorts: Erratic - Nikki Sequin Hotpants - Red
Boots: Gos - Curvaceous Boots - Red
Earring and Necklace: MOOD - Amanti Cuori Ensemble - Platinum (on sale for just 75L til tuesday!!)
Bracelets: Star Shop - Red Bracelet Hearts

Photos Taken at After Midnight Club.

More pics after the jump..

Doing what I love.....

Put your hands up..( I know..cheesy..but some songs just get stuck in your head weather you want them there or


  1. Great idea about showing love to the girlies, fully for that!!! Love the outfit and ROCK ON WITH THE CHEESY!!! lol

  2. kk ... I leave the romance to the others and just take the chocolate ;-P
    sexy look ;-)

  3. That is my fave shirt!!! You totally rocked it!