Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dirty Little Rock Star...........

White is the colour for week 21 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge and I've decided to let out my inner rock star.  As a little girl I used to line up all my toys , turn my radio up loud, jump up on my bed and "perform" for them...much to my mothers Actually things haven't changed much. I still grab my brush and sing into it  when a good song comes on..only now its my kids giving me the displeased
This top is the White Love Story Tee by AlterEgo. I loooove this shirt! The graphic on the front and the belt detail at the bottom give it a definite rock chick vibe.  I've paired it with a pair of white leggings and added the Rock'n'Rolla Chain by  Naith Smit Design, and of course what rock chick is complete without a killer pair of red leather boots?. Also the skin I am wearing is Sia, newly released from League. It is
Fan-Freaking-Tastic!  There isn't anything I don't love about this skin. The lips are lovely , The make up choices are great and the body work is fabulous. I'll probably be wearing this one for a while and that saying something as I change skin more often then I change If you haven't checked it out already you really need to.........go ....go on......go now.....hurry..go .....go ....go!

Skin: League - Sia Medium -Ruby
Hair: LeLutka - Addison - Strawberry Blonde
Top: AlterEgo - White Love Story Tee
Pants: Koko - low waisted leggings - White
Boots: Gos - Curvaceous Boots - Red
Necklace: Naith Smit Design - Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Bracelets: 333 Creations Shop - Black Bangles
Earrings: Earrngs R.icielli - Eustaquiae Earrings - Gold and Quatz
Tattoo: Raw Ink - Kat Von D Tatttoo


  1. Gorgeous Crowley... I am totally with you on the singing into the hairbrush thing!!!

  2. I get the same thing from my kid, followed by lots of begging to please stop. I MUST get that shirt. Great pic!

  3. So much attitude! Love the feel the picture was taken like a snapshot, in the middle of things. Very vibrant~

  4. That is a great shot! Very rockin'.

  5. Thank you all for the great comments :) this pic was alot of fun to do!

  6. FANTASTIC look!!!
    And I can identify with the brush! =)

  7. hehe ... a few times I tried to let the (singing) rockstar out on a RL stage ... tortouring the audience ...
    At home my hubby usually just says 'please shut the door ' ... *grins*
    Love your pic ;-)

  8. Haha I am LOVING the look! You look fabulous! And soooo different from all the whites I have seen so far! very Funky! haha And I am sooooo in love with the Sia skin! <3