Saturday, June 4, 2011



Week 31 of the Luna Jubilee Colour Challenge begins with Denim!  This weeks picture is not my fault, the  complete blame falls to Mr. Crowley. Who, as I was trying to figure out what to do for this weeks challenge, kept sending me "distracting"  messages about..ummm lets just say he REALLY likes denim cut-offs. Now as much as I just wanted to throw a shoe at him..I couldn't help but agree with him.  Out of all things denim, there is nothing like a great pair of cut-off shorts hugging your curves. They are relaxed, comfortable, easy to wear and very sexy. Now if you'll excuse me, there is certain distracting individual I need to turn the hose on...

Skin: Tuli - Sara Sunkissed
Hair: Dura - Curl - Chocolate
Shorts: League - Frayed Denim Shorts - Warm Blue
Necklace: Miel - Friendo Necklace
Bracelet: Miel - Friendo Bracelet
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Lady T - Black Gloss
Pose: DeePosed - Down On My Knees 15


  1. I can understand anyone being distracted around you in this. Hot.

  2. Damn Crowley that is just PHWOAR... Mr Crowley is in for one heck of a wild night with you looking like that hehe... Lucky Boy!!! hehe

  3. Nice shorts--and everything else, too!